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Checkin and boarding in Ferrys to Ibiza

Boarding card

In order to be able to board, the boarding cards for both passengers and vehicles must be collected from the Baleària ticket offices.
Boarding cards can be picked up in advance from the port of departure or from Baleària branches and ticket offices (on the same day or the days before), for the greater convenience of the passenger. The return boarding card can be collected at the same time as the outward boarding card.
The client can also print out their boarding card at the automatic check in kiosks, or even receive an electronic boarding card by email.
Attention: Boarding cards of the Barcelona-Ibiza routes operated by Acciona should be removed from the offices of Acciona 2 hours before the departure of the ship.

Latest boarding time

Once the boarding card has been collected, the latest boarding time for foot passengers is one hour prior to the ferry departure time, while for passengers travelling with a vehicle it is two hours before.
It is important to respect the latest boarding time in order to avoid problems when boarding; once this time has passed, Baleària will not be able to guarantee right of passage.


To pick up the boarding cards, the relevant documentation must be provided. The requirements are:
  • For passengers with a discount for residents of the Balearic Islands or Ceuta, documentation certifying residency is requested.
  • If the reservation has a discount for a large family or a youth card, the relevant documentation must be shown, while if the reservation is made in the name of a member of the Club Baleària Quatre Illes or the Club Baleària Marina Alta, Club Ceuta or another Baleària club, the club membership card must be shown in order to enjoy its benefits.
  • If it is an e-ticket purchased through the Baleària website, the credit card with which the purchase was made must be shown.
Furthermore, and in accordance with security guidelines, the passenger will be asked to show proof of identity when boarding (ID card or another official document) in order to check that it matches that on the boarding card.
Passengers aged under 14 years old travelling within Spanish territory do not have to present their National Identity Document. In this case, the adults under whose supervision the minors concerned are travelling will be responsible for them. We advise carrying suitable documentation to that effect.In order to continue to meet its punctuality targets, Baleària would like to ask its passengers to make sure that they are carrying the necessary documentation when boarding, so that the process can be carried out easily and quickly.

Documentation to travel to Morocco

As a general rule, to travel to Morocco it is necessary to show a passport; citizens of some countries also have to obtain a visa.
Citizens of all countries must show their passports in order to enter Morocco.
Exceptions: nationals of the member states of the European Union, when:
  • On day trips, they can enter Morocco by just showing a current ID document (residency permit is not valid).
  • For trips of several days, as well as valid ID, a hotel reservation and stopover permit must be shown.
The ID document must be valid throughout the ENTIRE stay in Morocco.
Consult the list of countries that do not require visas.
In order to obtain the visa, please apply to the relevant Moroccan embassies or consulates. The documentation required to obtain the visa is:
  • Visa application (DV32), filled in
  • 3 photographs
  • Passport, with a minimum validity period of 3 months
  • 1 photocopy of the passport
  • 1 photocopy of the residency card
  • Return ticket reservation
  • Hotel reservation or certificate from a travel agency or an invitation
Baleària does not take responsibility for the competent authorities not accepting passengers. For further information, get in touch with the embassy or consulates of the Kingdom of Morocco. Nationals of the European Union member states may show their ID card rather than their passport in certain circumstances. Date of the last update of the list: January 2008.

Boarding vehicles

Only the driver of the vehicle will be able to board in it; the other passengers will have to board using foot passenger access. On the other hand, the driver and other passengers may disembark in the vehicle, except when the ferry’s crew does not consider it to be appropriate.
Vehicles must always be put on board with the driver.
Trailers must always be boarded and travel with the vehicle that transports them.
The vehicle that boards must be the same as that stated on the ticket, and must be the length and height indicated in the reservation; should this not be the case, Baleària will not be able to guarantee boarding of the vehicle. If the vehicle corresponds to a higher rate than that of the reserved vehicle, the passenger will have to pay the difference in price.

Online check in

The client may receive the boarding cards by email, so that he/she does not have to go and pick them up from the ticket offices.
  • The reservation must be paid for.
  • The reservation must not be subject to any discount (for residency in the Balearics or Ceuta or a large family), since in these cases the right to a discount must be checked in the ticket offices. Exception: members of the Club Baleària Quatre Illes or the Club Baleària Ceuta with a valid membership card CAN use the system.
  • Ibiza-Formentera line. Online check in can only be used if the outward and return crossings are with the Nixe.
Online boarding cards:
The client receives an email indicating the outward and return crossing boarding cards for all the passengers and vehicles on the reservation. The client receives two documents in PDF format which both have to be printed and shown on boarding:
  • “ORIGINAL” cards, which must be kept throughout the crossing.
  • “COPY” cards, which must be handed in when boarding.
Clients who have made an online reservation and paid by credit card:
The credit card holder must be the passenger (in the case of more than one passenger, the cardholder must be the first person listed on the reservation).
The cardholder will have to sign the credit card proof of payment on his boarding card, and show it along with his identity document and the credit card.
Situations that require you to go to the ticket office:
  • In case of loss or non-receipt of boarding cards.
  • If the boarding card cannot be validated electronically at the ferry entrance for technical or operational reasons (for example, faulty or incomplete printing).
  • If the client is not carrying the two sets of boarding cards (original and copy)
  • If the reservation is changed, the online boarding card will be cancelled.
When boarding it is mandatory to show the two boarding cards (original and copy) and the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION (ID or passport) that proves the identities of all the passengers.
The original identity documents for all the passengers will also be necessary for the reprinting of the boarding cards in the situations described above.

Automatic check in kiosks

Baleària has automatic check in kiosks in the Barcelona, Ibiza, Palma and Dénia maritime stations.
For automatic check in, the passenger enters the reservation reference number into the machine and his boarding card is automatically printed out, with which he can go on board directly, without going to the ticket office.
If some documentation needs to be shown at the time of check in (residency certificate, large family card, agency voucher, etc.), the automatic check in kiosks cannot be used. Residents of the Balearics can use this system, as long as they are members of the Club Baleària Quatre Illes.